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December 22, 2022
Greatest Gift

Greatest Gift is launching the greatest financial gifting platform with parents, children, supporting family members and family friends in mind.

Financial gifting has been around throughout human history, from three wise men who came bearing gifts of gold, to your ol’ Uncle Jack who worked on Wall Street and got you savings bonds for your bar-mitzvah.

It’s time to change things up, and a Venmo with a gift emoji just won’t cut it.

Financial gifting throughout human history
Financial gifting throughout human history

Greatest Gift turns investing in a child’s future into a personal gift and then continues to show parents how to save & invest for their children’s futures. This makes sending a financial gift for your nephew or niece so much easier.

Greatest Gift drives parents (gift receivers) to action and empowers them in their financial parenting journey.

By combining a digital gifting experience with behavioral economics and a curated collection of financial products, guides and life-hacks Greatest Gift drives parents (gift receivers) to action and empowers them in their financial parenting journey.

Setting financial goals and sharing them through Greatest Gift's personalized gifting pages helps gift givers see the greater purpose of the gift and how they can kickstart a young one's financial future.

Parents can use Greatest Gift's sharing tools to let their family and friends know they are saving for a bright future and get them involved with a fun and easy to use gifting platform. Gifting pages are perfect to be used as baby registries, birthday registries, or just to share whenever a someone asks what your preferred gift is.

So, for the next birthday, baby shower, or holiday season, give a great gift, and kickstart a child’s future.

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Easy & Meaningful Gifting Experience

I love how easy it is to give a meaningful gift to the kids and tots in my life!
It means a lot to me that I can contribute to their future, and Greatest Gift makes the experience seamless and fun.

Alana S.

Best Birthday

Our son just turned two. We created his gifting page with Greatest Gift and shared it on the birthday evite. The results were amazing! We received 12 gifts that will be going to his college fund and savings.
Love this platform.

Daniel A.

Love The Discover Section

We have a 2-year-old and another baby on the way, and we love Greatest Gift’s discover section. I look forward to learning about the right financial tools to help build their future and set them up for success financially.

Hillan K.

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