Best baby gifts for a second babyBest baby gifts for a second baby

Gifts for a Second Baby

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December 25, 2023
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TL;DR: When giving a gift for a second baby, you may want to think outside the box. We have a few ideas for you, including investing in the baby’s future and creating family memories that capture the excitement of a growing family. Anything that helps make the second-time parent’s lives easier will be welcome.

Shopping for a gift for a growing family can be challenging. On the one hand, you want to spoil them with new things for the newborn baby, on the other hand, mom and dad probably have most of what they need from the first baby.

The best baby shower gifts show how much you care about the family.

So how do you choose what to gift for this joyous event? You want something creative, personal and a gift that will be appreciated. 

We have some ideas for you.

Jump Ahead:

Monetary Gift with Purpose

Many second time moms and dads already have all the things they need for their newborn baby from their first born.

On top of that, many parents even prefer to receive cash as gifts for their babies and start saving for future goals.

There are even parents who ask for cash gifts for their baby showers so they can invest for their kids. Plus, you can always give a small traditional gift on top of the cash gift.

Monetary gifts can help kids and their parents reach their financial goals such as saving for college, a future house down payment, a Disney trip fund, or general savings for the future.

There are a few different ways to give financial gifts for kids, but the best financial gifts help kids reach their financial goals and teach them (and their parents) a thing or two about money and financial literacy.

That’s exactly what Greatest Gift does.

Greatest Gift is the financial gifting platform for children’s savings, that continues to show parents how to save and invest for their kids. It turns investing in a child’s future into a personal gift that you can send to your loved ones.

It lets you easily send cash as a gift with purpose in a personalized way and set up the child for future success. Gift receivers get to choose how to use the gift funds and are encouraged to save for the long term.

Greatest Gift aims to empower parents and children through financial education and to drive gift receivers to action - save, invest, and teach.

With Greatest Gift you have the power to kickstart a baby’s financial future. 

chart - growth potential of monetary gift for a second baby
Potential growth of financial gifts for second babies over 18 years

Pampering Gift for Second Time Mom

Let’s face it, the mom is doing the heavy lifting here (quite literally!). Now that the little one is out and about, give a pampering gift to the second time mom and help her recover from a job well done.

A gift card for a manicure & pedicure can really start mom on the path to feeling her best self. Check with the dad or family to see what salon she typically goes to or find a luxury salon in the area.

If you want to go the extra mile, find a salon that does at home manicure and pedicure services and make things even more comfortable for mom.

Give a pampering gift to the second time mom and help her recover from a job well done.

A spa treatment goes a long way with reducing anxiety and stress following a birth. Get a prepaid spa day or maternal massage that the mom can schedule a few weeks after birth for the ultimate pampering day.

Relaxing and taking care of yourself can happen in the comfort of your home. There's nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath with calming music and a mask for mom's skincare routine.

Multi-kid Gear

Taking care of a newborn is hard as is, but imagine taking care of a newborn and another toddler or baby?

Juggling an older child along with the new baby is hard.The expecting mom can't push around two strollers and carry two diaper bags.

Time to upgrade her baby gear to multi-kid gear.

If you can go for a big ticket item, a double stroller can be the perfect gift. If you know the parents have a good stroller, you can opt for a piggyback attachment or stroller add-on that lets the older child stand in the back of the stroller.

Juggling an older child along with the new baby is hard.

A bigger go-bag that can fit both baby essentials and the older toddler's supplies will be a welcomed gift.

Instead of a bigger bag, you can get a smaller bag or designated comfortable fanny pack for just the baby's things on the go. Second time moms have more experience and know how to pack more efficiently at this point.

New Baby Essentials

Babies are messy. Mom and dad may have a few things from their first round, but round two is here, and it’s time to replenish some of the essentials that every baby needs.

second baby essentials
Second babies also need the baby essentials

2nd baby essentials are not too different than regular baby essentials.

You can never have too many towels, onesies, bibs, or baby clothes.

It’s always nice to renew the inventory and to receive a new set of sheets for the crib.

These newborn must haves are always a welcome gift, even for a second baby.

Different Gender Baby Gifts

If the new baby’s gender is different than the first child, you can get gender specific clothes and essentials.

To go the extra mile, shop for a matching outfit for the parent of the same gender. Even matching socks can make a cute gift for a new baby!

Baby clothes for boys

Baby clothes for girls

Seasonal Essentials

A great way to give something unique for the new baby is dependent on the season the babies were born.

Chances are the parents only have clothes that fit the season the first baby was born in.

For example, if the first child was born in summertime and the new baby is born in winter, you can give warm winter baby clothes.

Winter babies will need warm hats, hoodies, long sleeve shirts and sweatpants. Summer babies need short, breathable clothes, dresses, and swimsuits.

Winter baby clothes

Summer baby clothes

Choose from the Registry

If you don't want to play the guessing game, ask the parents if they have a baby registry for their second baby.

A baby registry will have the parent's wish list on it and make the task of picking out a gift that much easier.

Round two is here, and it’s time to replenish some of the essentials that every baby needs.

By the way, even if mom and dad have everything from the older child, that doesn’t mean the new baby doesn’t deserve to have new things! 

Gifts aren't always about what you need. Go ahead and get them a few new things for the baby.

Gift of Time

Being a parent is overwhelming. Being a parent of two children when one of them is a newborn is exhausting.

One of the best gifts you can give second time parents is the gift of time.

Free time for mommy is a rare commodity

Helping parents with their daily chores and freeing them up to focus on their parenting can be a breath of fresh air for them. Help with chores like house cleaning, yard work, organizing the house, or cleaning out the car are all great options.

Free time for mommy is a rare commodity, making babysitter services a very valuable gift, whether it’s for the newborn baby or the older child. Giving mommy and daddy much needed downtime can go a long way.

You can either buy a gift card or prepay a professional to deliver these services, or you can give a custom coupon that they can redeem with you and perform the chores yourself.

Food is life, but with everything going around, who has the time to cook?

You can give a gift card fora meal delivery service like Uber Eats, or home delivered prepared meals, or you can cook yourself and deliver the food for a few days.

Keep the food coming and relieve another busy chore for the growing family.

Create Baby Memories

The years will fly by. Before you know it, the new baby becomes a toddler and then off to college!

Give a gift that helps create a lasting memory. We have a few ideas.

instant camera gift

A vintage style instant camera captures and prints out the best moments in the young family’s life. It can also help the older child connect with the new baby and be an activity for them together – just let the older child take pictures.

You can get a matching photo album or picture frame to keep all of the pictures they take.

Another great idea is to give a baby plant or baby tree (if the family has a backyard to plant the tree) that will grow alongside the baby. Throw in a copy of the giving tree book to make the gift complete.

To really capture this new moment and addition to the family, you can get the family a photoshoot session with a professional photographer. A photoshoot creates long lasting memories of the cute baby.

Lastly, you can give a memory box or album for the new baby, somewhere mom and dad can store all the pictures and keepsakes from the baby’s early years.  

Gifts for the Firstborn

What do you give siblings when babies are born?

The older child has been the center of attention up until this point. The star of the show. But things are about to change, and the star may not take it so well.

The arrival of a new baby may create mixed feelings of joy and jealousy.

A gift for the first born can help mitigate that jealousy and show that no one is forgotten because of the arrival of the new baby.

The older child has been the center of attention up until this point.

A small toy or stuffed animal will get the job done, or you can go for a set of activities or coloring books that can keep the older child busy while mom and dad manage the new baby.

You can also get matching gifts for the siblings, and let the older kid give the new baby a gift, helping them create a sibling bond that will last a lifetime.

Becoming a big brother or big sister is a life changing experience that can put stress children out. Make sure to give them the attention.

I remember giving my nephew two pairs of Happy Socks as gifts when his baby sister was born and had him give her a pair. She still wears them almost 2 years later and they always point out to me when they wear them!

Something for Everyone

At first there were two, then there were three, and now there are four. And don’t they all deserve a little something? This calls for a gift basket!

don’t they all deserve a little something?

For the newborn, go with a few essentials and a plush toy. Add a copy of your favorite baby book.

The mom will definitely enjoy pampering goodies like candles, skincare, bath salts, a nice robe, or anything else that can help mom recover quickly.

Chocolates and a coffee mug will help the second time dad keep awake during sleepless nights.

And let’s not forget the first born! A small gift will do, just to show the first child some attention. A small toy, a book, or an activity like a puzzle will all work for this.

2nd Baby Gifts - Summary

Giving a gift is an act of showing that you care. Show the not-so-new parents that you care with a creative and thoughtful gift that will help them manage their growing family, not matter how much you want to spend on the gift.

Parents have too much on their plate, especially during times of change and the early family years. Give them a gift that helps them.

Help them save for their kid’s futures with Greatest Gift. Help them create long lasting memories. Take a few things off their plate. Get something for the older child and relieve the tension and jealousy.

Make life just a little bit easier for the happy family.

Happy Gifting!

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