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The Best Baby Shower Gift Cards Compared

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December 25, 2023
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If you're looking to buy a gift card for a baby shower, you're in the right place.

A gift card lets parents choose how to use their gift. That's better than cluttering them with more and more stuff.

Avoid giving gifts that someone already gave, or something the parents to be already have.

There are a few types of cards to choose from.

We compared the best and put together ideas to help you choose the best card.

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The Best Baby Gift Cards

Gift Cards for New Parents

The Best Baby Gift Cards

This is a list of gift cards that parents can use to buy and invest in their little one on the way.

How to choose the best baby shower gift card

The first step to buy the perfect gift card is to consider the parents-to-be's preferences and needs.

Think about the stores they like and what they would want to do with the card funds.

Think about what you want your gift to mean.

Do you want the parents to buy something for the baby? How about something for themselves?

Are you looking to invest in the child's future?

The best gift card will be one that's thoughtful, practical.

It will be tailored to the parents' preferences and lifestyle.

Greatest Gift baby gifts

Greatest Gift

Greatest Gift is a financial gifting platform for kid's long term savings.

It lets you send a digital gift card for the baby's savings, investments or cash.

Parents get to discover great ways to save and invest for their family. If they don't have an investment account, the can discover investment accounts for kids.

Gifts sent through Greatest Gifts are flexible. They are not locked in to one store.

They can choose how to use their gift funds and are encouraged to invest for the long term.

Amazon gift card


Amazon is one of the largest online stores and has a wide variety of products for parents to choose from.

Parents can buy things for their little bundle of joy. Or, they can buy anything else they need and want.

The options are pretty much limitless.

This is the best for parents that you know shop on Amazon frequently.

target gift card


Target is a well known brand that allows parents-to-be to shop both online and in store.

If you know the parents enjoy shopping in person and occasionally online, buy them a Target gift card.

This is especially good for parents that have a Target location near by.

Visa gift card


The Visa gift card is a versatile card that can be used at most store.

It provides a lot of flexibility and can be purchased at most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Be careful though. The Visa card may show lack of thought and signal lack of care.

It could look like a last minute gift.

If you want to give a cash gift that is flexible and has more purpose, consider giving gifts with Greatest Gift.

Gift Cards for New Parents

You can also opt to give a gift card that will be used by the new parents.

Here are a few ideas for gift cards that new moms and new dads will appreciate.

Food Delivery Services

The days after a family expands can get hectic.

New parents may find it hard to find time to cook or go out to eat.

With an Uber Eats gift card parents will be able to order in from their favorite restaurants.

You can also get them a gift card for their favorite restaurant or food chain, if you know what it is.

Self Care

New parents and new moms especially could use some self care time to relax, heal, and unwind.

Sephora offers skincare, hair & beauty products that can help new moms feel like themselves after giving birth.

Other popular gift cards for self care can include Loops face masks for an in-home self care routine.

A gift card for a spa, massage or salon treatment goes a long way.

Find a provider near the parents, or buy a card from SpaFinder that applies to multiple locations.

Workout Classes

Parents that prioritize staying active will love getting a workout class gift card.

If you're not sure what workouts the parents like to do, you can give them a gift card from ClassPass.

ClassPass is available in over 2,500 hundred cities and can be used with plenty of local workout classes.

If you know the parents love one type of workout or brand, give them a gift card for their favorite location.

Home Decor

With a gift card for a store that offers home decor or furniture, parents can spruce up their home.

When the family expands parents may want to get new organizers, furniture, or picture frames to showcase family pictures!

Wayfair offers a wide variety of home decor and furniture on their online store.

HomeGoods is a popular chain of stores that offers everything from everything.

The Container Store specializes in storage solutions and can help organize all the new baby gear.

A gift card for Home Depot is great for DIY moms and dads.

Messages to Write in a Card

Show you care by adding a personal message to your gift card.

Adding a note goes a long way in showing you care.

Here are a few example messages to write in a card:

  1. Congratulations on your new addition to the family! I hope this gift card helps with all of your baby's needs.
  2. Sending love and well wishes to you and your new little one. Use this gift card to get everything you need for your baby.
  3. Happy baby shower! I hope this gift card makes your shopping experience a little bit easier.
  4. Wishing you all the best on your new journey as parents. This gift card is for you to treat yourselves!
  5. Welcome little one! We decided to invest in the little one's future grand adventure...whatever that may be!
  6. Hello sleepless nights, dirty diapers, first smile and first steps. Time to buckle up for the journey ahead!
  7. Looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family. We wish you moments filled with love, laughter and happiness!

Gift Ideas Instead of Gift Cards

Gift cards are very practical, but not always fun and often not go unused.

Here are a few other ideas for gifts:

Financial gifts

Giving a monetary gift can kickstart a young one's financial future.

Financial gifts can help kids and their parents reach financial goals like saving for college, or going on a Disney trip.

Diapers and Diaper Subscriptions

There are many fun ways to give diapers as gifts.

The simplest way is to just give a pack or more of diapers, but that can be a bit boring.

Instead, you can buy a diaper cake, or even DIY a diaper gift basket.

Finally, you can buy a diaper subscription that sends parents different size diapers, just when they need it.

Other Baby Gifts

If you're not sure you want to give a gift card, there are many other ideas for baby shower gifts.

Baby essentials, clothing, baby gear, and storage solutions are just a few options.

If the parents to be have a baby registry, simply shop their wishlist.

The best baby registries have a wide range of items to choose from. Some even offer diaper funds that let you give cash gifts.

We hope you enjoyed our article.

Happy gifting!

About Greatest Gift

Greatest Gift is the financial gifting platform for children's long term savings.

Send and receive monetary gifts for children's long term savings.

Discover great ways to save and invest for children.
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