Baby Registry

A wish list of all the gifts, items, essentials, needs, and wants, made by a parent and shared with family & friends before a baby shower or when a baby is born.

Baby registries are the polite and appropriate way to let your family and friends know what you would prefer to receive as gifts for your baby.

There are online baby registries, in-store registries, and even financial registries for your baby’s long term savings.

Baby registry

What is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a wish list of everything the parents-to-be would like to receive as gifts for their baby on the way.

Baby registries provide your close friends and family with a list of gift options to choose from. They eliminate repetitive gifts, saving you from going to exchange gifts when you have a newborn at home.

Baby stores and websites let parents create a baby registry and share it with their loved ones as a guide for buying the perfect gift.

The store or website keeps track of everything the parents pick out to welcome their baby home.

On the other hand, it allows family and friends to pick out gifts for the new baby.

A baby registry is a list of items that parents-to-be wish to receive as gifts for their baby

A universal baby registry is a registry that allows adding items from other stores and websites.

In addition to traditional gifts, many parents want to kickstart their little one's financial future and register for financial goals as well with a baby fund registry.

Cash funds, diaper funds and baby funds are all registries that allow people to give monetary gifts for the newborn.

Most baby registries are free to use. Stores and websites that offer baby registries have lower gift return rate and benefit when parents share their stores with loved ones.

How to Make a Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry is a simple process.

First, choose a store or website to open your baby registry. Look for a registry that is easy to use, offers cash gifting, and a flexible return policy.

Choose the best baby registry for your needs and remember that you can always mix-and-match multiple registries. You can also create multiple registries and use a universal gift registry to make it easier for guests to see all your wish lists in one place.

Curate your list of baby gifts and financial goals for your little one

After setting up a baby registry, curate your list of baby gifts and financial goals for your little one. Make sure you choose a variety of gifts from different price points, not just big ticket items.

Different people in your life will have different gift budgets. Make sure to add items with different price tags.

A cash gifting registry offers a solution where everyone can choose to give as much as they feel comfortable.

You can add baby products and baby essentials, baby gear, books, toys, and anything else you may need or want.

After you created your registry and you are done adding everything to your registry, share it with your family and friends.

Share your registry with your family and friends

If you’re having a baby shower, add your registry information to the shower invite.

Let your people know what you would prefer to receive as gifts. Save them the time and effort of trying to figure it out on their own.

How do Baby Registries Work?

Baby registries act as wish lists that parents share with their group of family and friends.

Expecting parents sign up for a registry at their favorite baby website and financial gifting websites. They pick out items that they need and want and register financial goals for their child.

The best baby registries offer discounts and perks, like signup gifts and completion discounts.

Loved ones want to bring gifts when the baby arrives, and gift registries offer guidance on what to buy

Some registries offer a universal registry – a way to add items from other stores and websites, making it easier for your guests to pick from one central list.

Loved ones want to bring gifts when the baby arrives, and gift registries offer guidance on what to buy.

Parents choose different gifts that they would love receiving for their little bundle of joy and share the list with their baby shower guests.

After it is shared, family & friends can go through your list and pick things to buy for your baby.

Once a gift is picked out and purchased it is removed from the list. That way people don’t buy the same gift multiple times.

Once a gift is picked out and purchased it is removed from the list. That way people don’t buy the same gift multiple times.

Gifts that are purchased through online stores can be set to deliver directly to the expecting mom and dad.  

Baby Registry Essentials –Things to put on Your Baby Registry

While you can truly pick out anything and everything you want for your baby gift wish list, there are a few essentials that are necessary to make your registry complete. Go through this baby registry checklist and add all of the essentials.

The best baby shower gifts are gifts that help the new parents to be prepare for their life as a family.

  • Diaper fund
    Babies need diapers, and lots of them. A diaper fund can be used to fund some of at least 2,000 diapers that babies need in their first year alone. It can also be used to purchase anything else that the parents need.
    Parent can choose how to use cash gifts from diaper funds. They can even use the funds to kickstart the baby’s financial future.
  • Baby gear
    baby monitors, diaper bags, and a baby bouncer are just a few of the essential gear that every new mom or dad needs.
    Pick out your favorites and add them to your registry.
  • Car seat
    If you’re having a baby and plan to take it anywhere at all, you’ll need a carseat. Car seats are a must have on any baby registry and won’t break the bank for your guests either.
    Check your stroller to see if it comes with a detachable seat to save yourself from getting redundant gear.
baby registry essentials
  • Baby essentials
    Burp cloths, nursing covers, baby clothes, bottles, pacifiers, feeding supplies, towels, and the list goes on.
    Baby essentials are great to have on a registry. People can choose as little or as many of these as they want, and even combine them for a baby gift basket.
  • Big ticket items
    Some of your closest family and friends may want to spend a bit more. For them, add a few big-ticket items on the registry.
    You can add baby nursery furniture, like a crib, a bookcase or a dresser. Strollers are a great gift, and so are diaper cakes or diaper subscriptions.
    Big ticket items are great for people who want to purchase a group gift.
  • Cash fund
    A cash fund provides your guests with a gift option that fits any budget on one hand and gives you the flexibility to choose how to spend the money on the other hand.
    You can spend the money on things you need now or save it for later down the line.
    Cash funds are a great way to start saving for bigger goals too, like setting up college savings, an investment account for your baby, or the family emergency fund.
cash fund registry gifts
  • Financial goals
    Adding financial goals for your child and sharing them on a registry is the best way to let people know you prefer to receive money as gifts for your baby.
    People enjoy investing in a child’s future, but don’t always know how to. When you share financial goals and allow cash gifts, you show your friends and family how they can invest in your baby’s financial future. 

Popular Baby Registries

We’ve gone ahead and gathered some of the best baby registries. Here are the most popular registries:

1) Greatest Gift

The best financial gifting platform, for parents who want to kickstart their child’s financial future.
A modern take on the traditional diaper fund or cash registry.
Pairs well with your favorite baby store, offering your guests with a way to invest in the child’s future in addition to buying baby essentials or toys.
Greatest Gift continues to show parents how to save and invest for their kids.

2) Amazon baby registry

With over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon’s online baby registry will be a familiar favorite to many gift shoppers.
Amazon’s registry allows adding everything on their website, not just baby items. They also throw in a free welcome box for parents and a completion discount of 10% on items left unpurchased on the registry.

3) Target Baby Registry

Target offers both an online and in-store experience with their baby registry, perfect for parents and gift givers who like to shop in person. They shower registry owners with deals and discounts, and even allow you to add items from other websites. With over 1,800 stores, parents can continue shopping for all their baby’s favorite supplies even after the shower.

4) Babylist

Babylist helps parents find the best products for their baby. A modern tech company that focuses exclusively on parents and babies and offers price comparisons, product reviews, baby guides and a universal baby registry.

5) BuyBuy Baby’s Baby Registry - Closed

Bed Bath and Beyond’s baby store chain was a popular choice for many parents to be. Unfortunately the company has filed for bankruptcy and the registry is no longer available.

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