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The 7 Best Baby Registries for Expecting Parents in 2024

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April 23, 2024
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TL;DR : Every registry has its advantages and can fit different needs. Choose the best registry for your needs. Remember, you can always mix-and-match multiple registries.

You want to give your little one the best beginning possible, and so do your friends and family.

They want to shower you with gifts to help you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

How do you make sure you get things you actually need at your baby shower?

You make a wish list on a baby registry and share it with your family and friends.

How does a baby registry work exactly? Do they cost money? Which one is the best for you?

We put together a guide that covers the top baby registry websites and stores in the US.  

The Top Baby Registries:

Additional Information:

Greatest Gift cash baby registry

Greatest Gift - Best Cash Baby Registry

Best for

Parents and gift givers who want to invest in the baby’s financial future.

Why we like it

Greatest Gift turns investing in a child’s future into a personal and meaningful gift. It continues to show parents how to save & invest for their baby.

Pairs well with your go-to store for baby essentials. Enables your family and friends to invest in your baby’s financial future from day one.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Parents can set up multiple financial goals for their newborns and transfer their gift funds directly to 529 plans, UTMA accounts, savings accounts, or checking accounts.
  • Cash Gifting: Complete cash gifting platform, compatible with multiple payment methods. Redeem gifts to your bank accounts or directly to your favorite investment accounts. Set junior up for a bright future.
  • Universal Registry: Greatest Gift works as a standalone cash baby registry.
  • Discounts & Deals: There are currently no active deals or discounts.
  • Return policy: No returns are necessary with cash gifts.


Many parents prefer to receive cash as gifts for their babies so they can start saving for future goals.

With Greatest Gift, parents, family, and friends join together to kickstart kids’ financial futures and help them meet financial goals like saving for college, financial independence, or other financial goals they may have.

The gifting experience is easy and fun.

The personal finance resources for parents, the low fees, and the seamless transfer to the baby’s investment accounts make this registry a must have for every parent out there.

Greatest Gift shows every parent how to start investing for their child's future and provides the necessary tools.

For the best baby fund registry, look no further than Greatest Gift.

babylist baby registry

Babylist Baby Registry – Best Guides & Support

Best for

Parents who aren’t sure what they need and want to find the best products to put on their registry.

Why we like it

Babylist is a modern tech company that focuses exclusively on babies and parents, creating the best experience for new parents.

The guides, product reviews, universal registry, and price comparisons make this one of our favorite registries.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Selection focused to baby products and you can also register for favor coupons.
  • Cash Gifting: cash funds are available in a limited way, and guests can only give gifts via checks, cash or Paypal.
  • Universal Registry: Yes, you can add items from other online stores. You can even add whole registries from other websites.
  • Discounts & Deals: Get a welcome box when you sign up and a one-time 15% off coupon. The coupon can be used on items sold by Babylist directly. It expires 6 months after the baby’s expected arrival.
  • Return policy: Return items bought directly from the Babylist store up to nine months after their purchase.


Babylist focuses on babies and parents.

They sell products directly on their website, but also allow you to choose items from any other website. You can even add whole registries to make things as simple as possible for your gift givers.

Their checklist, guides, and example registries help think of all the right things you’ll need and make sure you’re getting only the best products for your little one.

With Babylist, you can also register for favors and help from your friends and family. They can select coupons for pet-sitting, delivering meals, or diaper deliveries.

Babylist's cash fund feature is limited and doesn't offer an actual payment solution. Instead, gift givers that choose to use Paypal to give cash gifts can expect to pay the Paypal fees - 2.9% +0.30 cents for a gift given with a credit card, and no fee for gifts given with bank accounts.

Gift receivers will face no fees if they withdraw their gift funds to a local bank account. They may pay a fee if they choose to withdraw to a card or check, or if they require the money more urgently.

Amazon baby registry

Amazon Baby Registry – Best Online Baby Registry

Best for

Over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers who are looking for a familiar shopping experience for themselves and their guests.

Why we like it

As the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has one of the largest selections of items to choose from. They also provide a universal registry for the things they don’t offer.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Millions of products to choose from for all the right baby things.
  • Cash Gifting: not offered.
  • Universal Registry: Amazon used to have a universal registry feature, but it has been disabled.
  • Discounts & Deals: free welcome box for the parents and a completion discount of 10% on items left on the wishlist. Can be used on two separate orders. Bonus points if you’re a prime member – receive a 15% discount. The discount code expires 60 days after your arrival date. It can be used on up to two orders with a combined value of $2,000.
  • Return policy: gifts are eligible for free returns within 365 days.


Amazon is the top online retailer for good reason.

An abundance of options, an easy-to-use website, discounts, and a generous return policy make amazon a well-rounded choice.

With over 100 million subscribers in the US alone Amazon provides a familiar and trusted store for your friends and family.

Amazon is not just a baby store. You can add anything from the entire store, even if it’s not directly baby related.

Add pillows, books, Tupperware, or anything else that will help your growing family.  

We have to note one missing feature is a cash fund gifting option.

Target baby registry

Target Baby Registry – Best Online with Stores

Best for

Parents who want a modern online registry that has physical stores across the US for easy to make purchases and returns.

Why we like it

Combining an easy online registry experience with over 1,800 physical stores. Great for both the parents and their gift givers. The parents can continue shopping all of the baby’s favorite supplies after the shower.

Target makes the transition into parenthood affordable with deals, welcome gifts, and discounts to new parents.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Wide variety of baby products and home goods.
  • Cash Gifting: not offered.
  • Universal Registry: allows registrants to add items from other non-Target sites by using a browser tool.
  • Discounts & Deals: Get two 15% off coupons to complete your wishlist purchases, one for an online order and one for use in store. Get a welcome gift valued at $150.
  • Return policy: Up to one year to return your baby registry gifts.


Target offers a comprehensive service, complete with an online registry and 1,800 store locations across the US.

It’s convenient, reliable, and easy to use. They have options for all the gifts you need to start your baby off with the essentials and everything else.

Stores offer an added convenience and multiple options to shop and pick up items for people who prefer to go in person to see what they’re buying.

Only thing missing is a cash gifting option.

walmart baby registry

Walmart Baby Registry – Best Budget Registry

Best for

The Walmart frequent shoppers that have a store near them.

Why we like it

Walmart’s premium and everyday brands at their affordable prices won’t break your or your guest’s bank.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Big selection of household and baby essentials and beyond.
  • Cash Gifting: Not offered.
  • Universal Registry: Not offered.
  • Discounts & Deals: Walmart will price match items offered by any local competitor.
  • Return policy: Free returns for up to one year on eligible items.


Walmart’s 4,500 store locations and low prices are a big attraction parents across the country.

They have a wide variety of products to offer for the whole family and home. And, with the price match guarantee you won’t need to drive around town to find the lowest prices.

Overall the registry seems like a good fit for Walmart loyal customers. But, other than that they are missing competitive features like cash gifts, universal registry, completion discounts and welcome baskets.

myregistry baby registry

MyRegistry Baby Registry – Best Universal Registry

Best for

Parents who want to sync multiple registries to one page for their family & friends.

Why we like it

Get all the perks from the other registries while providing a single page registry for your guests.

Benefits & Features

  • Selection: Focus is on the universal registry aspect, and doesn’t sell items directly. You’ll need to add items from any other store.
  • Cash Gifting: cash funds are available, but you’ll need a PayPal account to receive the funds and the fees are high.
  • Universal Registry: Truly universal registry. Easy browser extension button to add items from any website. Sync already existing registries to this one. Scan any product barcode in store with their app to add an item to your gift list.
  • Discounts & Deals: No discounts or deals since MyRegistry doesn’t actually sell any items.
  • Return policy: MyRegistry is service only and not the store from which items are purchased. Returns will need to be managed with the store the items were purchased from.


MyRegistry offers a universal registry service that makes things easy for gift givers.

You can sync up existing registries from other websites. Add any item from any online store, or add items from brick-and-mortar stores by taking a picture and uploading it through an app.

MyRegistry isn’t a store though, and that does have a few downsides. You won’t be able to make returns through them, and there won’t be any perks for future purchases.

Although they have an option for a cash fund, you’ll need a PayPal account to access your gift funds. Your gift givers will have to pay a relatively high fee for cash fees. There is a $3.95 fee for cash gift transactions up to $100, $4.95 fee for cash gift transactions $100.01 - $200, $5.95 fee for cash gift transactions $200.01- $500, and $6.95 fee for cash gift transactions $500.01 -$1000.

On top of that, PayPal will take 2.5% of all transactions.

Overall MyRegistry is a good universal registry, fit for parents who want to register with multiple registries or stores.

buybuybaby baby registry

Buybuy BABY Baby Registry


Unfortunately buybuy Baby's parent company, Bed Bath and Beyond, declared bankruptcy earlier in 2023 and closed their business.

All store locations have been closed. The website has been sold to Dream on Me, a baby product company from New Jersey.

On the buybuy Baby website, the FAQ clearly states the new company will not be offering a baby registry.

How to Choose a Baby Registry:

1. Ease of use

A good registry makes shopping for your little bundle of joy simple and enjoyable.

You should be able to add gifts with ease. Gift givers should be able to pick out and buy gifts easily.

Using a popular online registry like Amazon for your registry can simplify shopping for everyone.

Some smaller gift registries are specifically designed for baby showers. They put all their efforts in creating a seamless and fun gifting experience.

2. Cash gifting

Do you really need eight bunny dolls or twelve swaddle blankets? Probably not.

Cash gifts provide endless possibilities and allow you to use the funds in the best way possible for your needs.

baby cash gift

You can use the cash to kickstart your baby’s college fund, pay for baby food and diapers, or pay down larger items on your wishlist.

Some registries like Greatest Gift are built specifically for cash gifts. Greatest Gift turns a transfer of funds into a personal monetary gift with purpose.

Others are built exclusively for items on their stores and may have an awkward cash fund option as a feature.

Pay attention to the cash gifting fees – some may be higher than others.

For the best result, use two registries, one for all the items you want and one as a baby fund registry.

3. Universal baby registry or store specific

Most stores allow you to register for items that they sell.

Some stores also allow you to add items from any other store, online or brick-and-mortar.

A universal registry allows adding items from any other store or service.

It aggregates everything into one location.

Gift givers get to shop multiple stores from one place, without going to multiple locations.

4. Return policies

It’s hard to tell what you will really need and use. You may plan to bottle feed but end up breastfeeding.

You may discover your baby loves one type of blanket but absolutely hates another.

Newborns can be very picky, but that’s not your fault.

That why you need flexibility.

A great registry has a flexible return policy. Flexibility means you can return or exchange gifts for a long time after the baby shower.

With a flexible return policy you don't need to rush back to stores right after having your baby.

Stores typically accept gift returns and offer gift cards for the store.

5. Discounts

What if you don’t get everything on your wish list?

That’s exactly what completion discounts are for.

Many registries give a completion discount to help you buy everything left on your wish list.

Check the fine print of each registry to understand how to use the discount to its full potential.

The details include the discount’s expiration date and how orders you can place with the gift.

6. Bonus gifts

Last but not least, one thing to make your wish-listing even better is a complimentary signup gift with fun baby goodies.

Registries want to woo you with welcome boxes and kits filled with all sorts of freebies.

They value their potential relationship with parents.

They offer these gifts to create an exciting experience for you and make sure you come back in the future.

Time to choose from the best registries out there.

Baby Registry FAQ & Tips

Are baby registries free? Do baby registries cost money?

Yes, most baby registries are free to use. In fact, many registries even offer gifts and promotions to new registrants to encourage them to use their services.

Gift registries help parents ask for gifts that they actually want, reducing gift return rates. They help parents share their wish list with family & friends and provide stores with new customers at lower marketing costs.

How do I choose a baby registry?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a baby registry.

Look for ease of use for yourself and for gift givers.

Add a cash gift option to allow endless possibilities. Choose a registry with a good cash gift experience like Greatest Gift.

Read the find print of the return and exchange policies.

Finally, look out for discounts and perks.

Do baby registries give free stuff?

Some gift registries offer welcome packages and gifts for new signups as a way to promote their registry. These gifts typically include goodies for both the baby and the parents.

What month should you start your baby registry?

While there are no rules when it comes to timing of setting up your baby registry, most parents-to-be wait for the three month mark, and some even wait until they discover the sex of the baby.

Complete your wish list before you send out your baby shower invitations if you want to give guests enough time to shop.

Make sure to take a few weeks to set it up properly and list all the things you really want.

When to share a baby registry

The timing to share your baby registry is easy.

If you send out invitations to a baby shower, simply add the registry information there.

If not, send out the information when you share the news about your new joy.

You can also share when you have your first event for your little one.

Lastly, you can share when you’re asked about the best options for baby gifts.

share a baby registry

What should we put on a baby registry?

Everything you need and want for you baby. The broader you make your wish list, the more options you give your family and friends to give as gifts.

Make sure to add items of different price levels, and don’t forget to add a cash gift option!

Financial gifts can kickstart your baby’s financial future or help you purchase large ticket items.

Find more ideas for baby shower gifts here.

How can we share our baby registry?

The best way to share is on the baby shower invitation.

Most registries will offer a gifting page that you can customize and share with guests.

Add the gifting page URL to the invitation to let your guests know what they can bring.

If you’re not having a baby shower, you can always share your registry with a baby announcement.

Lastly, you can wait for people to ask what they can get you.

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