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17 Piggy Banks for Kids

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March 3, 2024
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Piggy banks are a great way to teach kids about saving money.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional pig-shaped banks to more modern designs.

Some piggy banks even have features that help kids learn how to save.

Piggy banks instill the importance of saving money from an early age.

When choosing a piggy bank for kids, it's important to consider the child's age and interests

In this guide, we'll explore the best piggy banks for kids, from trendy to unique and even digital varieties.

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How to Choose the Best Piggy Bank for your Kid:

When choosing a piggy bank for kids, it's important to consider the child's age and interests.

Here are some tips for choosing the best one:

Consider the child's age

Toddlers may prefer an easy to use piggy bank of a character they know and love.

Young kids may prefer a traditional piggy bank they can use to start storing allowances.

Older kids may prefer to start using a digital money app for their money.

Consider the child's interests

If the child is a fan of a particular character or animal, you can find a piggy bank that features that character or animal.

Choose a durable piggy bank

Piggy banks are often dropped or knocked over.

Choose a bank that is made of sturdy materials, especially for younger kids.

Choose an easy-to-use piggy bank

The child should be able to open and close the bank on their own.

Now that you know how to pick the best one, let's take a look at some of our favorite piggy banks:

Plastic Piggy Banks

Durable and safe.

Often more resilient to accidental falls and can come in a vibrant array of colors and shapes to keep kids engaged.

1) The Classic Pink Plastic Piggy

classic plastic piggy bank

This traditional piggy bank adds a twist with included diamond stickers, allowing kids to personalize and decorate their piggy bank.

And the best part? You can get it in just about any color you like.

Best for: a kid's first piggy bank

2) Magical Unicorn Bank

unicorn piggy bank

Brings a touch of magic to the world of saving.

Shaped like a majestic unicorn, perfect for kids who love everything magical and imaginative.

Best for: Unicorn enthusiasts

3) Dino Coin Keeper

dinosaur piggy bank

Turn saving money into a prehistoric adventure.

For the little paleontologist in your life, this dinosaur-shaped piggy bank makes saving coins an adventurous experience. It's durable, interesting, and as cool as a T-rex.

Best for: Dinosaur-loving kids

Cool Piggy Banks

The perfect choice for kids who like things a little out of the ordinary.

These banks come in various innovative designs that capture the attention and spark the interest of children.

4) Three-Piece Bank to Teach Kids to Save, Spend, and Share

save spend share piggy bank

Help your child be money-wise with this three part piggy bank.

As an extra, it comes with a "Kid’s Guide” that introduces your child to basic money concepts.

Best for: teaching kids good money habits and values

5) The Money Stealing Cat

Cool money stealing cat piggy bank

This piggy bank features a sneaky little cat that pops out of the box to swipe quarters.

It's an interactive, fun-filled way to encourage kids to save.

Best for: kids who would enjoy the thrill of their quarters being "stolen" for safekeeping

Unique Piggy Banks

Come in all sorts of intriguing forms and functions.

They not only serve as a saving vessel but also as a piece of artwork or a special keepsake.

6) Customized Wooden Treasure Chest

Treasure chest piggy bank

Ahoy, matey! This piggy is actually a wooden treasure chest, and it comes with custom name engraving.

The coin slot is on top makes it easy for kids to save their "loot." This pirate-themed bank is all about fun and adventure.

Easy to open and count your treasures.

Best for: Young buccaneers

7) One-Time Opening Savings Can

Can piggy bank

This unique savings can is all about self-discipline.

The one-time-only opening lid means once the money goes in, it stays in.

This reduces the temptation to dip into savings prematurely, teaching kids patience and the value of long-term saving.

Easier to open than other piggy banks that require hammers to break.

Best for: teaching kids delayed gratification

Baby Piggy Banks

Designed with the littlest savers in mind.

These banks are delightful decorative pieces perfect for any nursery.

They serve as charming accents while giving parents a head start in setting aside funds for their little ones.

8) The Classic Ceramic Piggy Bank

Traditional ceramic piggy bank

This is your traditional piggy bank with a stylish, contemporary feel.

Its smooth ceramic finish comes in soft pastel colors - pink, blue, or gray - making it a perfect fit for any baby nursery.

It's durable, classic, and easy for parents to start that college fund.

Best for: Parents looking for a traditional, timeless way to start their baby's savings

9) A Cute Balloon Elephant Bank

modern elephant balloon piggy bank

A standout in the world of baby piggy banks, this one is shaped like an adorable balloon elephant.

Its modern ceramic design brings a whimsical, playful vibe to saving.

You can also choose from other cute balloon shapes like a unicorn or dog, giving your nursery a unique touch.

Best for: Parents who enjoy modern designs

10) Tiffany's Ceramic Elephant Bank

Tiffany Elephant Piggy Bank

If you're a fan of luxury brands, this ceramic elephant bank by Tiffany will catch your eye.

It's pricier than the average, but it's all about the prestige and high-quality associated with the Tiffany brand.

It's more than a piggy bank, it's a piece of décor that exudes class and elegance.

Best for: Parents who want a luxurious piggy bank for their child's first savings

Electronic Piggy Banks

Blend technology and saving with interactive features that make saving a more engaging experience.

These help kids track their savings in a fun, modern way.

11) Electronic Mini ATM

mini atm piggy bank

This electronic piggy bank is a miniature version of an ATM.

It features both a bill slot and a coin slot, and is password-protected.

Comes in an array of colors to appeal to every kid's preference.

Best for: Tech-savvy kids

12) Digital Counting Coin Jar

counting jar

Keeping track of savings has never been easier with this digital counting coin jar.

It totals up your savings and displays the amount on a digital screen.

It's easy to use, with a twist-off top, and it's made of sturdy plastic.

Best for: tracking your savings amounts

Digital Piggy Banks - Money Apps for Kids

In the era of technology, even piggy banks have gone digital.

These apps make saving, spending, and learning about money management fun and accessible.

13) Greenlight

The Greenlight app takes saving money into the digital age.

It allows parents to pay interest on their kids' savings, manage chores and allowances, and kids can set round-ups on their debit card payments for extra savings.

It's financial management, for kids!

Best for: Teaching kids ages 8+ about money digitally

14) GoHenry (by Acorns)

gohenry by acorns

Acquired by the well-known micro-investment company, Acorns, GoHenry gives your child a debit card while you keep control.

It's a chores and allowance app that lets parents assign chores and pay their kids a weekly allowance.

You can set a parent-paid interest rate and maintain oversight with parental controls.

It's a great way to give your child some financial independence while keeping a watchful eye.

Best for: giving kids a sense of financial independence

15) BusyKid


This app doesn't just teach kids to save money, it also fosters generosity.

BusyKid lets children donate a percentage of their allowance to charity.

On top of that, it lets parents give bonuses for outstanding school performance or for helping around the house. It's a comprehensive approach to financial education.

Best for: Raising well-rounded kids who understand saving, spending, and giving back

Personalized Piggy Banks

Personalized piggy banks make for a perfect keepsake, designed specifically for the child receiving it.

These can be engraved or painted with the child's name or birthdate, offering a personalized touch.

16) Wooden Alphabet Letter Money Boxes

wooden letter piggy bank

Here's something truly personal - an alphabet letter money box that can be customized with your kiddo's name on it.

It's not easy to open as you have to remove the plexi-glass screws, which encourages long-term savings.

Best for: kids that want to see their savings

17) 3D Printed Custom Name Money Box

personalized name piggy bank

This money box goes a step further with a 3D printed custom name in a fun font.

You can choose from a range of colors, making it a bright and personalized addition to your child's room.

It's fun, it's modern, it's completely unique.

Best for: a personal touch

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