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22 Lemonade Stand Ideas, Tips, and FAQs

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February 6, 2024
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Summer's here and what better way for your kids to spend their time than starting a lemonade stand?

It's fun, it's outdoors, and hey, they might even pick up some business basics. This could be the first step in building their generational wealth.

So, if you're in, we've pulled together all the tips and tricks they'll need to make it a success.

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Setting Up Your Lemonade Stand

You're starting a lemonade stand. First things first, you gotta set it up right.

1) Get a Good Lemonade Stand

Having a great stand makes it easy to store your inventory, attract customers, and serve lemonade.

A simple folding table will do, or you can go all out and build a custom lemonade stand on your own.

2) Select a Spot

Choose a high-traffic location, such as a park or a community event, to ensure maximum visibility and customer reach.

3) Design Your Stand

Make your stand visually appealing.

Use bright colors and engaging signs to draw in customers.

4) Plan for Weather

Consider the weather. If it's hot, ensure you have shade.

If there's a chance of rain, have a plan to protect your stand and customers.

5) Safety Measures

Prioritize hygiene and safety.

Use clean containers, utensils, and keep a trash bin nearby.

Making Your Lemonade

Now, onto the main event - the lemonade.

The lemonade you serve is the heart of your stand.

6) Experiment with Recipes

Test different lemonade recipes at home to find a crowd-pleaser.

7) Add a Twist

Consider adding fresh fruits like strawberries or watermelon to give a unique twist to your traditional lemonade.

8) Taste-Test

Always test your lemonade before you sell it.

If it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for your customers.

9) Keep it Cold

Make sure your lemonade is always cold and refreshing, especially on hot days.

Keep it in a cooler or a bucket with ice.

Keep it separated from the ice so it doesn't water down before you serve it.

Inventory Management

Running out of supplies could mean closing up shop for the day.

10) Keep a Checklist

Know what you have and what you need.

A simple list will do.

lemonade stand supplies checklist

11) Equip Yourself

Always ensure that you have enough cups, pitchers, and ice to avoid any service hiccups.

12) Buy in Bulk

Save some money and avoid running out of supplies.

Buy the big packs.

Just make sure you have enough room to store your supplies.

13) Watch Your Sales

Notice what times and days you sell the most and stock up before those times.

14) Reduce Waste

Try to minimize waste, whether it's unused lemonade at the end of the day or unused supplies.

Marketing Your Business

Time to sell, sell, sell.

15) Location, Location, Location

We mentioned this before, but we thought it's good to mention again in the marketing tips.

Choosing the right location can almost guarantee people will see your stand, even if you don't advertise it to anyone you know.

16) Spread the Word

Make some flyers, post on social media. Tell family and friends about your stand.

Put a sign on the corner of the street with an arrow pointing to your stand.

17) Be Nice

Provide excellent service to retain customers and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

18) Be a Local

Team up with local events or charities.

It's a great way to increase visibility and get more customers.

Managing Your Finances

Learning about running a business means learning to make a profit.

Kids will learn to make their own money.

After all, earning money is a crucial part of business.

19) Set Prices

Set fair prices that allow you to make a profit while also offering value to the customer.

A good price range for lemonade should be between $0.50 to $1.50.

20) Keep Track of Your Money

Know what's coming in and what's going out.

Use a notebook to keep track of expenses and sales.

21) Understand Profit

Learn what costs, revenues, and profits are.

It's all part of the business learning.

22) Reinvest

If you have profits at the end of the day, consider using some of it to make your stand even better.

Invest in a better juicer, a new sign, or larger cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are often asked when running a lemonade stand:

What can I sell at a lemonade stand besides lemonade?

In addition to lemonade, you could consider selling homemade snacks like cookies, brownies, or popcorn.

These can attract a wider audience and supplement your earnings.

Alternatively, you could also offer different drink options like iced tea or fruit-infused water.

In winter times, consider swapping out the lemonade for hot chocolate and hot tea.

What sells best at a lemonade stand?

Classic lemonade tends to be the best seller at a lemonade stand, particularly on hot days.

However, offering a variety of flavors like strawberry lemonade, mint lemonade, or lemonade with a splash of sparkling water can appeal to a broader range of tastes and potentially increase your sales.

What supplies do you need for a lemonade stand?

The basic supplies for a lemonade stand include a stand or table, chairs, a cash box for change, pitchers for the lemonade, cups, ice to keep the lemonade cold, lemons, sugar, and water.

Don't forget signs to attract customers, cleaning supplies and garbage bags, and an umbrella or canopy for shade.

What is a good price for lemonade at a lemonade stand?

A common price range is between $0.50 and $1.50 per cup.

It's good to make sure your price covers your costs and also allows for a some profit.

Calculate how much it costs you to make a pitcher of lemonade. Then, think of how many cups you get from that pitcher.

Add the cost of a cup, straw, and ice to reach the full cost.

Remember, at the end of the day it all depends how much someone is willing to pay for your lemonade, not how much it cost you to make.

How do I attract people to my lemonade stand?

Using bright and attractive signs can draw attention to your stand.

Additionally, offering exceptional customer service and quality products will entice people to stop by.

Social media and word-of-mouth are also effective ways to promote your stand.

Play music with a small speaker to capture that summer feeling and get a little more attention from people walking by your stand.

What is the best time to make a lemonade stand?

The best time to run a lemonade stand is typically during the warmer months, when people are likely to want a refreshing drink.

Weekends are best to capture people that are out and about.

In terms of the time of day, late mornings to early evenings are often the most successful.

Do you need permission to make a lemonade stand?

This largely depends on local regulations, so it's essential to check with your city or town's guidelines.

Some places may require a permit, especially if you're setting up in a public area.

However, many places allow lemonade stands run by kids without any special permission.

Where is the best place to put a lemonade stand?

High-traffic areas are generally the best places to put a lemonade stand.

This could include near parks, community events, or on a busy street corner.

The key is to find a location where lots of people are walking by.

How do you keep lemonade cold for a lemonade stand?

Keeping your lemonade cold is crucial, especially on hot days.

You can do this by keeping the pitcher in an ice bucket or cooler. Always serve it with ice in the cup.

This will keep the drink cold and add to the refreshing experience for your customers.


To wrap up, a lemonade stand is a fun and effective way for kids to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

By following these practical tips and tricks, your little entrepreneurs will be on their way to success in no time.

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