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5 Best Chores and Allowance Apps in 2024

Family Finance
April 28, 2024
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In today's age, teaching kids about money management has evolved beyond the traditional piggy banks and cash allowances. 

Chore and allowance apps are the new to manage household tasks and teach financial literacy at the same time.

These apps offer a range of features to suit different family needs. 

From tracking chores to handling allowances and even introducing kids to the basics of investing. 

Here's a rundown of the best chore and allowance apps out there and how to choose the right one for your family.

The Top Chores and Allowance Apps:

Additional Information:

BusyKid logo

1. BusyKid

Best For: 

Families with kids on the younger side that are ready to step into the world of digital money.

Why We Like It:

BusyKid is affordable and versatile, offering features like chore management, allowance handling, and the ability for kids to donate to charity or invest, all in one app. Kids learn to Save, Spend, and Share by doing.


  • Chore Management: Use their default chore lists and rates or customize your own. Can set chores and rates by age. Pay automatically each week Weekly payments and the ability to send bonus money.
  • Allowance Handling: Parents can set up a regular weekly allowance without chores.
  • Debit Card for Kids: Accounts include a debit card for each child linked to the child’s spend account. Parents can turn the card off or on in case it’s lost. Parents get real-time notifications about card activity.
  • Parental Controls: Good amount of parent control. Parents approve weekly payday, trades, and donations. Parents can lock movements between spend, save, and give. 
  • Popular Features: Parents can set up savings matching to encourage savings. Kids can invest in stocks directly through the app, with their parents approval of trades. Kids can also choose to allocate a percentage of their earnings to charity, and learn about different charities.
  • Price: $4 per month after a one-month free trial. Additional fees for card replacement, foreign transactions, or other actions may apply.


BusyKid is the go-to app for parents seeking to easily instill financial literacy in their kids from a young age. 

The set up is easy. The app offers a default list of age-appropriate chores and set rates for chores. Parents can choose to customize the chores and rates if they wish.

BusyKid offers a comprehensive package that includes chore management, allowance handling, and investment options.

Kids can allocate their allowances towards saving, spending, or donating to charity. 

Parents can oversee their kid’s money management with real-time parental controls and notifications.

The app offers additional features for more money lessons from a young age. Kids can invest in stocks directly from the app.

Parents can set interest on their kid’s savings to encourage savings and teach about compound interest.

Kids can also give to charities featured on the app and learn to share.

GoHenry logo

2. GoHenry

Best For: 

Families and kids that want to learn through educational content and bite sized lessons for 6-14 year olds.

Why We Like It:

GoHenry offers an enriched learning experience with videos and quizzes designed by financial education experts to teach money skills. Their core features of chore and allowance management are easy to use.


  • Chore Management: Allows setting chores and their rates. Parents can choose a weekly payday and track chore completion.
  • Allowance Handling: Parents can set a weekly allowance payment and additional pay for tasks completed. Parents can also send an immediate transfer to their kid’s account. Teens can set up direct deposit into their accounts if they have jobs.
  • Debit Card for Kids: Every child gets a spending card. FDIC insured, with extensive parental controls.
  • Parental Controls: Real-time spending alerts. Customizable spending limits for one time spend or weekly spend, and by category. Parents can turn card off and on in case it is lost. 
  • Popular Features: Kids can set savings goals with target amounts and dates, then set autosave on. Parents can set up parent-paid interest on savings. Kids learn more with Money Missions - in-app fun educational content.
  • Price: $4.99 per month per child, with a discount for up to 4 kids at $9.98.


GoHenry is ideal for families looking to combine financial management with educational content. 

The app looks modern and is really easy to use, which means both parents and kids can get the hang of it quickly.

It's packed with interactive content and lessons on money that are just right for kids aged 6 to 14.

GoHenry offers everything you need for your children’s money management. 

Kids get debit cards that you can limit and oversee. 

You can set a weekly allowance and pay extra for chores. Send money to your kid’s card in seconds.

Parents can easily keep an eye on how it's used, set limits, and even turn it off if it gets lost.

Teens can use this when they have a job to direct deposit money.

Donating to charity is offered but currently limited.

It's a good chance for parents and kids to talk about why helping others is important and how they can do it.

Even though kids can give some of their money to charity through the app, right now, they can only give to one place, and not directly. But it's a great way for kids to learn about helping others.

Overall, GoHenry does a great job mixing learning with real-life money management. It gives kids their own card, helps them save and spend wisely, and even lets them see how good it feels to give. 

Plus, parents can relax knowing the money is safe.

Greenlight logo

3. Greenlight

Best For: 

Older kids and teens (12-18 years old) who are ready to dive deeper into managing their money.

Why We Like It:

Greenlight is perfect for older teens with advanced features like investing in ETFs and earning interest on savings.

It's designed to handle the more complex parts of money management, helping teens prepare for financial independence.


  • Chore Management: Flexible chore and allowance setups, with options for one-time chores.
  • Allowance Handling: Parents can tie allowance to chores, or choose not to. Option to pay percentage of allowance based on percent of chores completed weekly. Autosave options and rewards for saving.
  • Debit Card for Kids: Every kid gets a debit card for spending. 1-5% cash back on purchases, depending on your plan. FDIC insured.
  • Parental Controls: Parents have strong controls, including setting spending limits, monitoring transactions, and turning the card on or off, which ensures safety and promotes responsible spending.
  • Popular Features: Teens can earn interest on their savings, showing them the benefits of saving money. They can also invest properly in over 4,000 stocks and ETFs. The premium version comes with child safety features like location sharing and SOS alerts.
  • Price: Plans range from $5 to $14.98, with no hidden fees.


Greenlight offers a blend of chore management, financial education, and investment opportunities, making it the perfect choice for families looking to prepare their kids for the financial realities of adulthood.

Greenlight is the perfect app for teens looking to take the next steps in their financial lives. 

It goes beyond basic saving and spending, offering features like investing and earning interest, which can help prepare them for the future. 

The app is designed with a great user experience, making it more engaging for teens. 

The premium plan offers safety features like child location tracking, but comes with a high price point.

The basic plan supports up to 5 kids, making the price more digestible. 

Beyond the basics of saving and spending, Greenlight introduces teens to investing - a critical skill for their future.

By offering real stocks and investment options, it shows kids how the stock market works makes investing understandable.

Greenlight provides additional financial literacy content. It's not just about saving and spending. It's about making smart money decisions that can help teens in the future.

Greenlight is perfect for families who want their teens to be smart with money. 

FamZoo logo

4. FamZoo

Best For: 

Families looking for a simple, effective way to teach kids about chores, allowance, and saving money.

Why We Like It: 

FamZoo was created by a dad who wanted a better way to teach his kids about money. It's great for tracking chores, managing allowances, and teaching kids about saving. The IOU accounts and the option for kids to deposit cash make it very practical.


  • Chore Management: Kids and parents can track chores easily. On top of that, FamZoo offers a few unique chore features, like setting a penalty on missed chores, or First Dibs chore rewards for the overachiever child of the family.
  • Allowance Handling: You can manage allowances directly through FamZoo or use it to track cash allowances paid outside the app. You can also track family loans and missed payments in the form of IOUs.
  • Debit Card for Kids: Each kid gets a debit card that can be funded through the app or at a store, making it easy to save physical cash. Bank accounts are not needed for this.
  • Parental Controls: Parents have full visibility into chores and allowances. From card activity alerts, to locking and unlocking cards, and chore reviews.
  • Popular Features: Kids can set and track their savings goals, learning the importance of saving for the future. FamZoo helps kids learn to budget their money, preparing them for financial independence. IOUs help track missed payments and family loans.
  • Price: The base monthly payment is high at 5.99 per month. However, FamZoo FamZoo offers discounts for long-term commitments, taking the monthly cost down to $2.50.


FamZoo might have a simpler design compared to other apps, but it's packed with all the essential features to help kids learn about money. 

It was created by a dad who wanted to teach his own kids about managing chores and allowances, and it really shows. 

With FamZoo, kids don't just get to manage their money; they learn valuable lessons about budgeting and saving.

One of the coolest things about FamZoo is the IOU accounts. 

These are perfect for tracking how much money kids have earned or saved, even if it's not in their physical possession. 

And if kids want to add cash to their account from birthday gifts or graduations? No problem. 

They can do it at retail stores. You don't need a bank account to use FamZoo.

The app is really focused on the basics: chores, allowance, and saving. 

There's no investing or charity donations, but it does a great job with what it's designed for. 

Plus, kids can use FamZoo from any device or computer, so they don't even need a phone to manage their money.

FamZoo might look a bit old-fashioned, but don't let that fool you. 

It's a powerful tool for teaching kids about money management. 

And because it offers discounts for long-term commitments, it's also one of the most affordable options out there. 

If you're looking for a straightforward, effective way to teach your kids about the basics of financial responsibility, FamZoo is definitely worth checking out.

S'moresUp logo

5. S’moresUp

Best For:

Parents looking for a fun, game-like app to help kids learn about chores and responsibility without involving real money.

Why We Like It: 

S’moresUp's game-like design makes it very appealing to kids. The app has a free version that provides a solid foundation to assign and track chores.


  • Chore Management: Parents can assign chores and track completion through the app. It's a great way to keep kids engaged and responsible.
  • Allowance Handling: Instead of handling real money, S’moresUp uses a points system for rewards. Kids earn points for completed chores.
  • Debit Card for Kids: Not applicable, as the app doesn't manage real money.
  • Parental Controls: Parents can oversee chores and rewards, making it simple to manage tasks and incentives.
  • Popular Features: The app provides a way for kids to “redeem” the points they earn with their parents. Parents can choose to convert these points into cash or other rewards outside of the app.
  • Price: Free version available with limited functions, making it accessible for all families.


For parents who are cautious about introducing real money management to their kids or who prefer a simpler system for tracking chores and rewards, S’moresUp offers a perfect solution.

S’moresUp is a game-like app in the world of chores and allowance management. It doesn't involve real money. Instead, it uses a points system where kids earn rewards for completing chores, making it more like a game. This approach can be particularly appealing for younger children who might be motivated by gamification.

The app's design is colorful and engaging, encouraging kids to participate in household chores with more enthusiasm. It does require a download and is available on iOS and Android.

Parents can give kids chores to do, and when they finish them, they earn points. These points can be saved up for rewards. What's cool is that parents can decide what these points are worth. Maybe they can be traded for a small amount of cash, extra screen time, or a special treat.

Because there's no real money involved, it's a great choice for parents who just want a fun and easy way to teach their kids about responsibility. Plus, it's perfect if you're looking for a free app to help organize who does what around the house.

So, if you're after a straightforward, enjoyable way to get your kids more involved in household chores, S’moresUp could be just what you need. It's all about making chores fun and rewarding, without complicating things with real money.

Other Chores and Allowance Apps We Looked At

While we focused on the top apps for managing chores and allowances, there are several others we considered. Here's a quick overview of each:

6. iAllowance

iAllowance might feel a bit behind the times, with its last update and reviews dating back to 2020. It's got a free version you can try, which is great for getting a feel for the app without committing. But remember, it doesn't handle real money. It's more about tracking chores and allowances than actually paying for them.

7. Cozi

Cozi isn't really about handling allowances. It's more about helping families stay organized. With Cozi, you can keep track of everyone's schedules, make shopping lists, and manage to-do lists for the whole family. If you're looking to keep your family's life organized in one place, Cozi might be worth checking out.

8. OurHome

It seems like OurHome might not be up and running anymore. We tried checking it out, but it looks like the app is no longer active. 

9. Homey

The Homey website gives the impression that it hasn't seen an update in quite a while. While the concept of the app – to manage chores and allowances – is solid, a dated website can sometimes reflect on the app's current state and functionality. 

10. RoosterMoney

RoosterMoney is an interesting option, but it's only available in the UK. For families living in the UK, it could be a great tool for managing chores and allowances. For everyone else, though, it's not going to be an option.

How to Choose a Chores and Allowance App

Picking the right app to help your kids learn about chores and managing money can be a big help. 

Here’s what to think about:

  • Age Fit: Make sure the app is right for your child’s age. Younger kids might need something simpler, while older kids can handle more complex features.
  • Features: What does the app do? Can it help with chores, saving money, and spending wisely? Make sure it has the things that matter to you and your family.
  • App’s Focus: Think about what you want the app to help with. Do you want it to focus on saving, spending, and giving? Maybe you want one that helps with investing or lets you deposit cash. Pick an app that matches what you're looking for.
  • Parental Controls: It’s important to keep an eye on what your kids are doing. Good apps let you check on their spending and saving and even control where they can spend money.
  • Financial Education: Some apps teach kids about money through games and lessons. This can be a great way to help them learn without making it feel like school.
  • Price: Look at how much it costs. Some apps are free but might have fewer features. Others charge a monthly fee but offer a lot more, like teaching kids about investing or giving to charity.

Choosing the right chores and allowance app for your family depends on what you need most. 

Think about how much you want to spend, what features you want like saving, spending, and giving options, if it fits your child's age, and how it teaches about money.

Managing with Cash and Chore Charts

If you prefer to keep things traditional, using chore charts, cash, and piggy banks is a great way to go. 

This method is especially good for younger kids. It helps them see and touch the money they earn from doing chores, making it easier to understand.

  • Chore Charts: Make a chart to keep track of chores and rewards. Kids can see what they need to do and what they’ll earn by completing tasks.
  • Cash: Using real money can help kids learn the value of a dollar. They can see how saving their earnings adds up over time.
  • Piggy Banks: A piggy bank is a fun way for kids to save their money. They can watch their savings grow and learn about setting aside money for bigger things they want in the future.
  • Wallets: Make sure to get a wallet in addition to the piggy bank. This way you can teach your kids about daily spending and long term savings.

This old-fashioned way is not just about doing chores and earning money. It’s also a hands-on lesson in managing money, saving for things they want, and learning the value of hard work.

Chore & Allowance Apps FAQs

How do chore and allowance apps work?

Chore and allowance apps are a cool way for parents and kids to handle chores and money.

First, parents get the app and set up a profile for their kids.

They add chores to the app and decide how much money each chore is worth.

Some apps even let parents give kids a special card that works like a debit card.

Parents put money into the app, and this is where the allowance comes from.

Kids have their own way to see the app, where they find a list of chores they need to do.

When they finish a chore, they mark it as done. The app tells the parents what's finished, and the parents check to make sure.

Every week, the app adds up all the chores the kids did and sends their allowance to their special card.

After getting their allowance, kids can choose to save some of it, spend it, or even give some away if the app lets them.

This way, kids learn how to work for their money and what they can do with it after they earn it.

What is the best chore and allowance app?

The best app depends on your family's needs.

If you're looking for something that teaches kids about saving, spending, and giving, BusyKid is a great option.

For older kids interested in investing, Greenlight might be better.

GoHenry offers an all-around good app.

FamZoo focuses really on the basics of allowance and chores management.

And if you're looking for a free option to manage chores, S’moresUp is worth checking out.

How do I set up a chore schedule for my kids?

Most chore and allowance apps let you create a list of chores and assign them to your kids.

You can set specific days for each chore and even set reminders.

This helps keep everything organized and makes it easy for your kids to know what they need to do.

How many hours should kids do chores?

It depends on their age and what else they have going on, like school or sports.

A good rule is about 10-15 minutes of chores per day for younger kids and up to an hour for older kids.

Make sure the chores are suitable for their age and give them enough time to relax and play too.

Should I reward kids for chores?

Rewarding kids for chores can teach them about working for money.

You can give them an allowance or special rewards for completing their chores.

It's a good way to teach them about saving for things they want and being responsible.


Choosing the right chore and allowance app can make teaching your kids about money management both fun and effective.

From apps that focus on basic chore tracking with rewards to those that introduce financial concepts like saving, spending, and investing, there's something out there for every family's needs.

Whether you opt for a comprehensive tool like BusyKid or Greenlight, or prefer a simpler, game-like approach with S’moresUp, the key is finding an app that fits your parenting style and your kids' ages and interests.

Remember, these tools are not just about getting chores done. They're about preparing your kids for a financially savvy future.

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