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The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

October 23, 2022
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There’s a new baby on the way and you’ve been invited to celebrate the little bundle of joy with the expecting parents, family, and friends.

Everyone is excited and happy to celebrate the new mom and shower her with love and gifts for her and for the little one.

What do you bring to the baby shower? What is the best baby shower gift idea? A gift that will truly be appreciated and won't be quickly exchanged.

Some parents may have a baby registry or baby fund where you can shop for great gifts that you know they want. The best baby registries will have plenty of ideas and gifts from different price points that you can choose from.

And if they don’t have a registry?

We got you covered. In the following, we have the best baby shower gift ideas for boys and girls that every expecting mother really wants.

Cash Gifts for a Baby Shower

You may be surprised, but many parents prefer to receive cash as gifts for their babies, and some parents even ask for cash as gifts for their baby.

Cash gifts allow parents to start saving for future goals like college or a first car fund on one hand and allows them the flexibility to buy anything they need for the baby right now on the other hand.

Monetary gifts have become more widely accepted and there are even dedicated cash gifting platforms, platforms that focus on creating a digital cash gifting experience.

Cash gifts allow parents to start saving for future goals

Greatest Gift turns investing in child’s future into a gift that you can send to a loved one.

You can add a personal greeting with a picture or video and send the financial gift directly to the new parent’s phone.

baby shower gift idea: cash gift for baby's future savings

Mom and dad are encouraged to save and invest for the future, but they get to decide what to do with the money. They get to discover great financial guides, tips, and tools to really kickstart their little one’s financial future.

Diapers and Diaper Cakes

So, you know babies need diapers, and every party needs cake…

But have you heard of a diaper cake before?

One of the most appreciated baby shower gifts for both girls and boys is the Diaper Cake, and trust me, it’s a real showstopper.

Baby shower gift idea: diaper cake by Honest

Diaper cakes by Honest

If you’re confused, a diaper cake is actually just a large number of diapers, neatly organized, topped with a ribbon or stuffed animal and wrapped to look like a cake.

Inside the cake you can add layers of diaper and nursery essentials to help the new mama get started.

If you think this might be one diaper too many, don’t worry. Babies will use at least 2,000 diapers in their first year, and over 600 in the first three months alone!

Helping out with diapers is welcome in any form, even if you don’t give it cake form. You can bring a regular package of diapers or a gift card for diapers.

You can even find a diaper subscription service and buy that for the new parents, guaranteeing their diaper supply for the coming months. 

Gift Cards for a Baby Shower

Gift cards give mom the freedom of choice and at the same time saves her from finding time in her busy no-sleep schedule to change the fifth baby towel she received.

Gift cards offer a world of choices for mom and dad to pick out the things they really need from the stores you like. Great options include gift cards to pharmacies, baby stores, and of course the all-in-one online store Amazon.

When buying a gift card, it is recommended to spend at least the same amount that you would on a traditional gift.

Make sure to add a nice card and envelope to make the card feel like a real gift.

Meal Trains and Food Deliveries

I don’t know if you know this, but new moms are busy. They barely have time to take care of themselves, and definitely don’t have time to cook.

Giving a new mom a gift that will help her with the daily routine will relieve a lot of the stress that every new mom experience.

This is the best time to organize a meal train or give a coupon for a gratifying home-cooked meal.

If you’re not the best cook out there, set mom and dad up with a gift card to a meal delivery service or even a subscription to delivered home-cooked meals.

Giving mom and dad the gift of time and freeing them up from one more chore will be greatly appreciated. 

Baby Gift Baskets

A perfect maternity gift that contains an assortment of useful and fun, soft items for the baby. Baby gift boxes have a mix of items like soft blankets, hooded towels, pacifier holders and big, cuddly teddy bears.

Really anything goes here.

You can opt for a ready-made gift basket from a local gift store or shop on amazon, or you can make one yourself. Some gift stores will let you make a bundle of your own choosing.

Giving a gift is an act of showing you care

If you go with a gift basket, you can add in something extra for the new dad, like chocolates or coffee for those long nights ahead.

If you’re a DIY person, this should be easy for you. Start with getting a basket, then add a few baby essentials, some love, and a few toys as well. Wrap nicely and deliver on the happy occasion.

Baby Toys

In the first months, the baby learns to develop his motor and sensory skills.

Developmental toys help the baby develop these skills faster and experiment with the world.

The baby's sensory system continues to mature in the first months and years of life. Gradually, through repeated experiences, the baby develops the ability to hold and manipulate items, to process sounds and language.

Every toy that stimulates the senses can help the baby develop these senses and learn more about the world. Rattles will make a playful sound, plush toys are soft to touch, and colorful illustrated books and building blocks are stimulating to look at.

Baby Essentials

Babies need essentials, and they need plenty of them.

Burp cloths, nursing covers, bottles, pacifiers, feeding supplies, towels, and the list goes on.

You can find these baby essentials at any large online store like Target.

Get a few of them that fit your budget, and use the rest of your budget to set the little one for future success with a financial gift.

Baby Gear

If you have a bit more to spend, take a look at bigger ticket items in the baby gear categories.

Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is a must-have product for any home that has a new baby.

It gives the baby a feeling of relaxation and frees the mom up when the child is near her.

Plus, babies are so cute when they bounce!

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor will help the parents keep an eye on the baby while getting their own much needed rest.

Audio only monitors are more budget friendly and easy to install.

Video baby monitors can help parents feel more at ease and keep watch. Some monitors even offer night vision.

Diaper Bag

Every parent needs to have a diaper bag - a bag to hold all the baby essentials when they go out the door.

Functionality is most important, but don't neglect the style either. Get something the mom will enjoy walking around with.

Car Seat

Help mom and dad take the newborn baby out for a ride, in a safe way.

An infant car seat can fit the baby from anywhere between 9 months and 2 years, depending on the child's size.

Some strollers come with a detachable seat, so make sure to check which stroller the parents are getting.

Baby Nursery Furniture

If you're close to the mom-to-be and want to really splurge on a gift, go for something for the nursery.

There are a few items that a nursery wouldn't be complete without. These include a baby crib, a dresser and a comfy chair for feeding and snuggling.

A nursery bookcase or book racks encourages reading to the baby as a habit. It also adds a decorative element to the room.

A decorative toy box will add color and help keep the room organized.

In fact, any storage solution will make a great baby gift idea.

The nursery is where memories are created.

Additional Q&A 

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

The question of how much to spend on a baby shower gift concerns many of us. Typically, the answer depends on your closeness with the gift receiver. The closer you are, the more you should expect to spend, ranging from about $25 for a coworker to $100 and over for a close family member.

That being said, giving a gift is an act of showing you care, and not necessarily a dollar amount.

Putting thought and effort into a gift really goes a long way in making a gift personal and appreciated.

Pay attention to the gift recipients and choose something that’s meaningful to them and you’ll make them happy, no matter what your budget is.

What is an appropriate baby shower gift?

There are plenty of appropriate baby shower gifts, including baby essentials like towels and blankets, financial gifts for the baby’s future savings, diapers and diaper cakes, baby gift baskets, and more.

Most gifts that don’t make any assumptions (like breastfeeding vs formula) will be appropriate, and you can always add a gift receipt so that mom and dad can exchange something if they need.

Is it appropriate to give money at a baby shower?

It’s definitely appropriate to give cash as a gift for a baby shower, and it’s often even preferred by expecting parents.

A cash gift can be an investment in the child’s future and help kickstart a college fund or a future house fund. To encourage the parents to use the cash for a bigger purpose, send a gift through Greatest Gift’s financial gifting platform, and include a greeting for a personal touch.

Cash offers flexibility and can also be used by the parents to buy anything they need for the newborn today.

Presentation goes a long way in making cash gifts feel personal. Add a greeting and a nice card (digital counts!) to give the gift a personal touch.

transform money to baby shower gift

Happy gifting!

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