Create a Graduation Fund

Set up a graduation fund, receive cash gifts from friends & family for a graduation.

Raise funds for life milestones and financial goals like a college education, first car, or future savings.

Learn how to put your money to work.

graduation fund
Gifting money to children - Greatest Gift
Choose any financial goals to share

Introduce friends and family to a way to give towards meaningful goals like
a college education, financial independence, a first car, a big trip, or others.

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Receive Cash Gifts For Graduation

Create Your Graduation Fund

Giving money for graduation is a well known tradition.

Set up an easy way for friends and family to give monetary gifts in a fun and meaningful way.‍

create Graduation Fund
Greatest Gift: personalized cash gifts with purpose. monetary gifts for children's long term savings.
Transfer cash gift funds from Greatest Gift directly to 529 plans and investment accounts.

Easily Redeem Gift Funds

Skip the trip to the bank. Transfer cash gifts from Greatest Gift directly to your favorite long-term savings, investment accounts or bank accounts.

Your Choice

Gift receivers get to choose how to use the money, and are encouraged to save in 529 plans and long term savings accounts.

Discover 529 plans, savings accounts, and investment accounts for children long term savings with Greatest Gift
Greatest Gift: Discover Ways to Save & Invest. Discover 529 plans, UGMA UTMA, savings accounts, and more

Discover Ways to Save & Invest

We help parents answer financial questions, and provide a curated collection of financial products, guides and life-hacks for creating a brighter future for their family.

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A Guide for your Financial Parenting Journey

Discover guides and compare financial products that
set your kids up for a great financial future

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Thoughtful + Impactful Gifting

Convenient, practical, and ideal for a busy parent with a lot of little friends to gift to throughout the year! ... Nothing but positive feedback as well from our friends who have received through Greatest Gift. Looking forward to continued gifting!


Gifting Pages Are Great

Our son just turned two. We created his gifting page with Greatest Gift and shared it on the birthday evite. The results were amazing! We received 12 gifts that will be going to his college fund and savings.
Love this platform.

Daniel A.

Super Easy to Use

This is a super easy to use site. I set one up for my baby's first birthday, and friends and family were able to give a gift with ease. Highly recommend!


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Receive Gifts Securely

Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Greatest Gift uses bank-level security safeguards to make sure your personal data and gifts are secure.

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Data Encryption

We encrypt data transfers to our website and app with 256-bit SSL/TSL. We also encrypt any sensitive data that we keep (like user passwords) with industry best practice BCrypt hashing algorithm. We don’t keep any of your bank account or payment information (see our Privacy Policy).

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Account Management

We use multi-factor authentication, automatic loggouts after inactivity, and account activity notifications to protect your account from fraud.

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Trusted Partners

We use trusted third-party integrations to provide payment capabilities. Our payment and cloud partners are PCI DSS compliant. Data transfers to our partners and data they hold is always encrypted.