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How to Nicely Ask for Cash as Graduation Gifts

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April 30, 2024
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Graduation is a huge milestone, and it’s often celebrated with gifts.

While traditional presents are always appreciated, sometimes cash can be even more helpful.

Let's talk about how to ask for money instead, without making it awkward.

Graduation Gift Etiquette

Graduation gifts come in all shapes and sizes. 

In fact, it's actually pretty common for people to give cash, so there's no need to feel awkward about asking for it.

Some folks like to give cash, others might pick out a gift card, and some even choose cool gadgets or fun things like graduation teddy bears. 

Remember however, not everyone who comes to your graduation will bring a gift. And that’s totally okay! 

Gifts are a nice bonus, not a must-have. 

When you do talk about gifts, make sure no one feels like they have to give one.

When asking for cash, it’s all about being kind and clear. 

Show your guests how their gifts can do something awesome, like help you kick off your college journey or fund that dream trip you’ve always wanted to take. 

Letting them know what you’ll do with the cash can turn a simple gift into something really meaningful.

Ways to Ask

When you're thinking about asking for cash gifts for your graduation, the way you talk about it really matters.

It’s all about being open about what you need and why.

This helps everyone understand how their gift can actually help you do something big in your future.

Sharing Goals and Uses for the Money

Set goals and share them, let people know how the cash gifts will be used

Let your friends and family know what you plan to do with their gifts. 

Setting goals and sharing them turns a plain $100 bill into the gift of a college education.

Whether it’s saving up for your first car, avoiding student loans, or starting a small business, telling people about your plans makes each gift feel more meaningful and personal.

Using Invitations

If you’re sending out invitations, that’s a good spot to mention you’d prefer cash. 

You can add a line like, “If you’re thinking of a gift, a contribution to my college fund would really make a difference.” 

This way, you’re keeping it polite and making it easy for everyone to know how they can best celebrate with you.

Setting Up a Graduation Fund with Greatest Gift

Using Greatest Gift, you can set up a graduation fund. 

It’s straightforward and makes it easy for your guests to contribute digitally. 

It also eliminates any awkwardness associated with giving cash directly.

Greatest Gift has an added benefit of providing additional resources on saving and investing for the future.

Wording Examples

Choosing the right words can make asking for cash gifts feel comfortable and thoughtful. 

Here are ten different ways to phrase your request, ranging from casual to more formal styles, ensuring you can find an approach that feels right for you.

  1. Gracious and Appreciative: "Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me! While gifts are not necessary, if you feel moved to contribute, a cash gift would help with my upcoming college expenses."
  2. Casual and Friendly: "If you're thinking about a gift, I'd really appreciate a little cash to help fund my next adventure. Thanks a ton!"
  3. Fun and Light-hearted: "Chip in to my ‘Future Fund’ and help turn my dreams into reality! Any amount would mean the world to me."
  4. Traditional and Respectful: "A monetary gift would be warmly appreciated and assist in setting the foundation for my future."
  5. Poetic and Thoughtful: "Contribute to my journey through life with a gift of cash that I’ll use to sculpt my tomorrow."
  6. Direct and Focused: "I am saving for [specific goal], and a cash gift from you would be incredibly helpful."
  7. Encouraging Participation: "Join in on my ‘Graduation to Greatness’ fund—your cash gift will help launch my exciting next chapter!"
  8. Adventurous and Exciting: "Join me in fueling my post-graduation adventure! Contributions to my travel fund would help make my dream trip a reality."
  9. Practical and Specific: "As I prepare for college, any cash gifts will go directly towards textbooks and other essential supplies. Your support would make a big difference!"
  10. Heartfelt and Encouraging: "A gift is never expected, but if you want to help out, contributing to my big purchase fund for a new laptop or similar items would be amazing as I embark on my next steps."


Asking for cash gifts should always be done with care and respect. 

Be clear about your plans, and always express your gratitude. 

Everyone wants to feel their gift is meaningful, whether it’s cash or otherwise.

About Greatest Gift

Greatest Gift is the financial gifting platform for children's long term savings.

Send and receive monetary gifts for children's long term savings.

Discover great ways to save and invest for children.
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